Mr. Pink — the Authority on Ginseng

Mr. Pink has mastered the special powers of ginseng, bringing consumers a potent and delicious alternative to mainstream energy drinks typically full of unhealthy artificial flavors, chemicals, and sugar. Mr. Pink’s Vitamin Ginseng products are the only bona fide ginseng-enriched drinks available in the market.

We pack our beverages with optimum quantities of ginseng for a reason — it is among the most powerful and clinically-proven herbal ingredients known to man. For more than a millennium, ginseng has been justifiably known as the miracle herb -=- considered the king of Chinese medicine — benefiting both the mind and body.

Ginseng is used around the world to promote longevity, combat fatigue, calm the mind, boost mental clarity and improve physical endurance. It is also reputed to being an effective, natural aphrodisiac. Ginseng’s long list of health benefits continues to be researched, tested and validated through modern science.

With 1,000 mg of ginseng per serving, Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink provides the body and mind a blast of natural energy — rich in antioxidants and replenishing vitamins.

Who is Mr. Pink?

Mr. Pink is the purveyor of ultra-premium, health and wellness-based beverages for active and sophisticated adults. Based in Los Angeles, California, the Mr. Pink portfolio reflects the surging need for products which offer potent ginseng benefits and taste deliciously refreshing.

Formulated for sophisticated beverage consumers, Mr. Pink’s specially blended products are unusually tasty, full of revitalizing ingredients and personality. Through meticulous formulation, we achieve superior flavor together with physical enhancement – minus the sugar overdose, bad attitude and broken promises of our competitors. Mr. Pink branded products are progressive in their science, satisfying to the pallet and a superior alternative to mass-market drinks. Born in sunny Southern California, our brand stands for luxury, style, fun and vitality. Mr. Pink is currently launching both in the United States and internationally. Our goals are ambitious – we want to change the way people think about functional beverages. We are a different type of animal in a sea of bland, medicine-flavored products.

Why should I care about Ginseng?

Try Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink and see how ginseng can help you be Happy for Life!™ Ginseng is the most famous Chinese herb. It is the most widely recognized plant used in traditional medicine. Various forms of ginseng have been used in medicine for more than 7000 years. Several species grow around the world, and though some are preferred for specific benefits, all are considered to have similar properties as an effective general rejuvenator.

Ginseng is used to reduce the effects of stress, improve performance, boost energy levels, enhance memory, and stimulate the immune system. Traditional Chinese Medicine has deemed ginseng a necessary element in all their best prescriptions, and regards it as prevention and a cure. The ‘king of herbs’ is said to remove both mental and bodily fatigue, cure pulmonary complaints, dissolve tumors and reduce the effects of age, and so adopting regular consumption of ginseng as a part of your healthy lifestyle may help:

  • Boost the body’s defenses against stress
  • Enhance mental clarity and memory
  • Fortify the body’s immune system
  • Promote virility as an all-natural aphrodisiac
  • Stimulate and energizes both mind and body
  • Contribute to healthy digestion and detoxification
  • Increase physical endurance and recover